Maud Orain

Maud Orain was trained as a Classical Pilates Mat instructor by Kelly McKinnon at Corpus StudioTM, Brussels, Belgium in 2010–2012.

She has taught people of all ages and physical conditions.

To complete her understanding and teaching practices on all the pieces of equipment, Maud has participated, since September 2020, in The Pilates Standard Bridging Programme. Through her enthusiastic teaching, she aims to make you feel safe while being challenged, to develop your precision and concentration so that you find pleasure and joy in the movement.

Pure Body Teacher Training with Jaime White

Get onboard before April 10th!

We are excited to bring Pure Body Teacher Training, a one-of-a-kind comprehensive Pilates certification to Stockholm, Sweden. The program provides a full 360-degree approach to the method and the industry – not only will you learn how to teach Pilates on all of the equipment as one system but you’ll also learn how to navigate the actual business of working as a pilates instructor to build a successful, fulfilling career.

Jaime White, is co-founder of Pure Body Teacher Training and has been certifying students classically for over a decade and brings her thoughtful approach to the classical work and expertise to each course she teaches.

Course Dates 2021

Foundations: April 10-11, 24-25 (virtual)
Mat I: May 15-16, 22-23 (virtual)
Mat II: June 12-13, 19-20 (virtual)
Reformer I: Aug 20-22
Apparatus I: Sept 17-19
Reformer II: Oct 15-17
Apparatus II: Nov 12-14
Apparatus III: Dec 10-12
Reformer III: Jan 21-23 2022

Practicum: spring/summer 2022

Paid in Full 51 000 SEK + VAT
Payment Plan 4 250 SEK + VAT

To enroll, please visit:

Pure Body Teacher Training is a comprehensive program only because learning the entire pilates method is the only true way to understand the system as a whole and create longevity in your understanding of the Pilates method and how to truly work with your own body and your clients.

Charlotta Amandusson

Charlotta Amandusson is trained and educated by GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® founder and developer Juliu Horvath and taught at his original studio, White Cloud Studio, In New York City in the 90’s. She has a dance backround and has her dance pedagogical education from Stockholm University of the Arts. Charlotta teaches at the Royal Swedish Ballet School.

Boaz Cohen

Boaz Cohen has been involved with movement for the greater portion of his career. He was a dancer in Israel and Stockholm for nearly 25 years. Boaz began his Pilates exploration after a back injury and has been an instructor since 2005. He is a Classical Pilates teacher certified by The Pilates Standard.

Lilly Zetterberg

Lilly Zetterberg began her Pilates training with Fredrik Prag of Pilates Scandinavia, while she was attending the Royal Ballet School. She later became certified by Pilates Scandinavia and employed as an instructor. She has now been working as a Pilates instructor for 11 years and continues to dance and teach dance professionally.

Summer Newsletter 2019

Summer has not disappointed so far and I hear so many people talking about staying in Sweden this year, so we’ve decided to keep the studio open all summer on a limited schedule, making it easier to maintain your practice and avoid the long summer set back!

Prenatal Course

There are a few spaces available for the 8 week Prenatal Course with Anna Kirs which starts Monday July 8th kl. 17. Anna will also be offering an 8 week Postnatal Pilates Course beginning  Monday, August 26th kl.11. Bring your beautiful newborn along … Reserve a spot for courses by emailing to

Summer schedule

With some exception following Midsommar, the summer schedule will look like this:

Mondays: (From July 8th) Prenatal Course kl.17, Pilates Barre kl.18
(From August 26th) Postnatal Pilates kl. 11
Tuesdays: Pilates Mat Level 2 kl.18.15
Wednesdays: Pilates Mat Level 1 kl.17, Pilates Mat Open Level kl.18
Thursdays: (From July 11th) Foundation Level Pilates Mat kl.17, Level 1 Wall Unit kl.18
Fridays: Pilates Mat Level 3 kl.17.30
Saturdays: Yoga Flow and Restorative kl. 9.30
Sundays: (From August 4th) Level 2 Wall Unit kl.11, Pilates Mat Level 2 kl.12

Pricing simplicity

Finally, in the interest of simplicity, the Wall Unit Classes will now be the same price as the Mat Classes. So, the same credits and pricing options will allow you access to both Mat and Wall Unit Classes!

Best Wishes,
Staff of Tim’s Pilates Parlor

March Newsletter 2019

March Madness is well under way!

So it’s no surprise that exciting changes are on the horizon here at the Parlor!

New Classes and Courses Starting in April

Mondays kl.17 (Prenatal Pilates Course-8 weeks)            Anna Kirs
Mondays kl.18 (Pilates Barre Classes)                                Anna Kirs
Wednesdays kl.17 (Level One Pilates Course 10-weeks) Boaz Cohen
Wednesdays kl.18 (Open Level Pilates Classes)                Boaz Cohen
Saturdays kl.9.30 (Yoga Flow and Restorative 75min.)    Marlen Bakke

  • Early register for “Courses” by April 1st for a 10% discount! Register by email:

Free Trials Late March

Monday 3/25 kl.17 (Prenatal Pilates Class)                         Anna Kirs
Monday 3/25 kl.18 (Pilates Barre Class)                              Anna Kirs
Wednesday 3/27 kl.18 (Open Level Pilates Mat Class)      Boaz Cohen
Saturday 3/30 kl.9.30 (Yoga Flow and Restorative Class) Marlen Bakke

  • Reserve a spot for the Free Trials by email:

Meet the New Faculty!

Three new and wonderful instructors will be bringing their expertise and unique point of view to Roslagsgatan 58. I can’t wait for you to meet them and to be inspired by their enthusiasm and knowledge!

Boaz Cohen was raised in Israel and brings decades of Pilates study, movement analysis, and professional dance experience to his teaching methodology. His kind and open spirit and his attention to detail make you feel that you’re in good hands and encourage you to explore and deepen your relationship with your own body and the Pilates Method. We are lucky to have him with us.

Anna Kirs is originally from Estonia and is working toward becoming a doula. She has advanced study and specialty training in prenatal and postpartum Pilates as well as a long dance and movement training background. Her passion and committment to the health and safety of her clients and her respect for authentic and personalized PIlates instruction make her an invaluable asset to the studio and to both expecting and new mothers.

Marlen Bakke has studied and practiced yoga in many different parts of the world. She was certified by the Marianne Wells yoga school in Costa Rica and has since then instructed both Hatha and Vinyasa classes. Marlen draws from different yoga traditions and finds inspiration from, among other things, Yin, Bikram, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. She emphasizes a deeper, inner experience of yourself and your body but also has a playful exploration of everything from simple to more challenging yoga exercises in an informal mood.

r.As always, we look forward to seeing you and invite you to try out the new classes being offered this month. We also encourage new clients to take advantage of our ongoing Trial Offers: 2 group classes for 400 kronor and 2 Semi Private Wall Unit classes for 500 kronor.

The March Madness Offer

For our new and existing clients, look for the March Madness Offer – Save 300 kronor when you puchase 10 classes!

Best Wishes,
The Staff of Tim’s Pilates Parlor

February Newsletter 2019

A Free Class

We are well into the New Year and now Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! To celebrate Valentine’s Day I’m offering a free class to current members on February 14th. So take advantage by simply signing up for the class as you normally would. (Before we’re fully booked!) On arriving, you will not be charged. If you run into trouble booking this, just drop me an email and I’ll sort it out.

Introduce a friend, and get yourself a free Mat Class

So, this month’s “Studio Giveback” celebrates Valentine’s Day and Friendship by offering you a free Mat Class for every new client you refer to the studio! When your friend, collegue, or family member lists you in their profile in the section marked “referred by” you will receive a free class to your account when they make a purchase. It’s that simple!

Any suggestions?

If you have any requests regarding class types or times of day, please don’t hesitate to email with your suggestion.

Best Wishes,
Tim and the Staff at Tim’s Pilates Parlor

Letter Jan 2019

Happy New Year!!! We wish you a Healthy and Hope filled 2019! Should your New Year’s resolution include Pilates and Yoga, we’re here to support and encourage you in any way that we can. 

New at the Parlor

In addition to a number of new classes, this month we are also kicking off the New Year with our first “Monthly Studio Give Back”! Available online, you will find a pricing option called Saturday Special which allows you to take both Yoga Flow and Restorative Yoga for just 350 kronor.

Each month we will offer a different “Give Back” to help motivate you. It’s easy to become overwhelmed or discouraged as a result of setting unrealistic or over ambitious goals; the trick is to set easy-to-achieve short term goals. By taking smaller steps, and celebrating your accomplishments, you will generate enthusiasm and encouragement as you move towards your larger long term goals! 

Best Wishes,
Tim and the Staff at Tim’s Pilates Parlor


Letter Dec 18

December is always a challenge!

—Motivation wanes, as stress levels rise, and spare time becomes a precious commodity. That’s why we are so grateful and excited to see so many of you attending classes this month!

With the Holidays just around the corner, we would like to help you with your Christmas shopping by reminding you that Tim’s Pilates Parlor gift cards are on sale in the Mindbody Store. The 2 class discounted Introductory Offers are great gifts for that someone special who has everything! The 10 class Holiday Offers are the best way to treat yourself and guarantee that you’ll be ready to jump right in again in Week 2 when we resume classes and begin our Winter/Spring schedule which is available for booking online now!

New Classes

You’ll find new classes from Foundation Level Pilates Mat Classes to Level 3, as well as a Level 1 and 2 Wall Unit Class, a Pilates Circuit Training Class and a Core Yoga Class. For a full description of the classes, check out the website!

We wish you a Healthy and Joyful Holiday Season and a Prosperous and Peaceful New Year!!!

Best Wishes,
The staff at Tim’s Pilates Parlor


Tim Kasper

Tim - photo © Dennis Johnston
Photo © Dennis Johnston

Tim Kasper is the owner of Tim’s Pilates.

Book a Class with Tim, or Schedule a Private Session
Actually, for availability and booking of Private and Duet appointments, please email or phone.

Timothy Kasper has been studying movement since the late 1970’s when he began his professional career as a performer and dancer. Pilates, Gyrotonic Expansion and Yoga became important tools for him in NYC in the early 1990’s after a skiing and dance related knee injury required surgery. In time, encouraged by mentors, he began teaching a hybrid conditioning form influenced by all the various movement modalities he’d encountered over the years. That planted the teaching bug and when he began contemplating life after dance, in 2005, he immersed himself in a Pilates Teacher Training certification program followed by the first of 2 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course and eventually became a licensed Teacher of the Gyrotonic Expansion System. Pilates has taken center stage since moving to Stockholm in 2010 when he began working at Pilates Scandinavia for almost 3 years, Ryggspecialisten for 3 years, Lidingö Pilates and Yoga for over 7 years, as well as Yogarummet, Kroppsverkstan, Nirvana Yoga, and It’s Yoga Stockholm.

Letter Nov 18

Dear Valued Customers and Friends,

Now that I have received your contact information from Janessa, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. My name is Tim Kasper and as of December 1st I will be the owner of the studio at Roslagsgatan 58. Its new name will be Tim’s Pilates Parlor and you are warmly welcome to join us in our effort to keep Janessa’s labor of love alive.

Janessa and I have known each other for nearly two decades. We trained with the same teachers and received the same PMA certification from Teri Steele of Steele Pilates in New York where I began teaching Pilates and Yoga to a number of private clients of all ages and walks of life; from young professional dancers to stressed out stock brokers, from radio DJ’s to promising young swimmers. I soon sought to challenge myself by teaching larger groups and quickly found myself teaching in Health Clubs and dance studios and eventually spent three summers teaching young gifted dancers at Jacob’s Pillow where Joseph Pilates spent 12 of his summers educating dancers and members of the community with his timeless method.

In 2010 I moved to Stockholm and received a 2nd yoga certification from It’s Yoga Stockholm and then oddly enough put my yoga teaching on the back burner for a couple of years and immersed myself in Classical Pilates after being offered a teaching position at Pilates Scandinavia. Three years later I joined forces with a very supportive private client and Osteopath Marie Tuvlind (Hesselgren) and collaborated for 3 years at Ryggspecialisten nearly full time while teaching at Forma Naprapat Clinic and Lidingö Pilates and Yoga where I continue to teach several hours a week.

In December you will find a limited schedule of Pilates and Yoga classes on Mindbody Online and the website, Very soon I will be posting the Winter/Spring schedule which will include several more options including: Barre classes, Foundation Level, Beginner/Intermediate, and Intermediate/Advanced Pilates classes, Core Yoga and more …

Trial Offer

If you would like to sample our classes and teachers before making a commitment to a discounted multiple class card, we currently have a Trial Offer available with a savings of 100 SEK on 2 mat classes or 2 semi private wall unit classes! For those of you who are ready to dive in, you can save 250 kronor off the already discounted 10 class card rate until December 31st; our way of saying thank you for your continued support and welcome!

I look forward to seeing you and welcome any suggestions for classes, times or events that may interest you or those you know and love.

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All the Best to You, Your Families, and Your Friends,
Tim, Rachel, Maud, Carolyn, and Lilly