Class types

FOUNDATION LEVEL PILATES MAT is Ideal if you have little to no Pilates experience or are interested in a slower, deeper exploration of the Core Priciples of Pilates. You will learn preparatory exercises, basic repertoire and how to modify the exercises to suit your condition and comfort level.

LEVEL 1 PILATES MAT offers more flow and challenge allowing you to built strength and endurance while respecting your limitations and building on your solid Foundation and understanding of the Basics.

LEVEL 2 PILATES MAT is a progression in intensity and an introduction to the more challenging intermediate level exercises with the intention of fully preparing you for Level 3.

LEVEL 3 PILATES MAT requires a significant level of awareness and experience in order to safely and confidently execute the more demanding exercises in the Pilates Matwork Series together with it’s trademark flow.

PILATES CIRCUIT TRAINING integrates a variety of props including Thera-Bands, balls, the Magic Circle, and light weights in a dynamic class which challenges your balance, coordination, alignment, and “Powerhouse” with added resistance.

LEVEL 1 PILATES WALL UNIT classes offer a semi private experience using spring resistance in an open chain situation. This simply means that stabilisation is all on the client. It’s as if the springs are communicating with you. With their feedback you immediately feel when it’s right and know when the “Powerhouse” is engaged. Level 1 will best benefit those with some Pilates experience, but anyone is welcome.

LEVEL 2 PILATES WALL UNIT requires previous participation in Level 1 Wall Unit classes or considerable awareness and Pilates Matwork experience comparable to Level 2 or 3.

CORE YOGA is a strengthening and flowing Vinyasa practice with an emphasis on core stability and anatomically sound alignment which results in more ease, less joint stress, better coordination of breath and movement and a more rewarding and energizing experience. Some yoga training and a moderate fitness level is highly advised, but individual modifications will always be recommended, when appropriate, for maximum benefit.

FLOW YOGA is a flowing practice which progressively gains momentum and builds strength, while encountering challenges from which we can grow. We will build up a little heat and then round off class with some relaxation and rest. Appropriate for all experience levels !

RESTORATIVE YOGA challenges your ability to surrender and let go … It signals the body to regenerate and repair while replenishing your energy reserves and reducing stress levels. During the long-held floor yoga postures you will have the opportunity to draw your focus inwards while practicing being in the present moment. This class is especially suited to anyone needing to de-stress!