I highly recommend Tim as a pilates instructor! I have followed him to different venues as he is the best instructor I’ve tried. He is demanding and ambitious and every class offers variation in level, prompts and exercises, adjusting to the clients and/or just the mood in the room. I have suffered from a bad back all my life but am convinced that pilates in general and Tim in particular is the reason that my back as well as my entire body feels much better and stronger

— Annika, management consultant (57)

Tim has a deep knowledge of functional anatomy, a sharp eye for analyzing your movement patterns, and incredible skills in verbalizing imaginative instructions. He is also an amazingly committed teacher!

— Laura, doctor (34)

Tim has helped me to find the specific workout and breathing for my needs on stage as a performer, in my case mixing Pilates and Gyrotonics into a new, clear and powerful form! He understood immediately what I had to work on and his cheerful and focused nature have helped me build up strength and energy!

— Ana Maria, opera singer (37)