Maud Orain

Maud Orain was trained as a Classical Pilates Mat instructor by Kelly McKinnon at Corpus StudioTM, Brussels, Belgium in 2010–2012.

She has taught people of all ages and physical conditions.

To complete her understanding and teaching practices on all the pieces of equipment, Maud has participated, since September 2020, in The Pilates Standard Bridging Programme. Through her enthusiastic teaching, she aims to make you feel safe while being challenged, to develop your precision and concentration so that you find pleasure and joy in the movement.

Charlotta Amandusson

Charlotta Amandusson is trained and educated by GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® founder and developer Juliu Horvath and taught at his original studio, White Cloud Studio, In New York City in the 90’s. She has a dance backround and has her dance pedagogical education from Stockholm University of the Arts. Charlotta teaches at the Royal Swedish Ballet School.

Boaz Cohen

Boaz Cohen has been involved with movement for the greater portion of his career. He was a dancer in Israel and Stockholm for nearly 25 years. Boaz began his Pilates exploration after a back injury and has been an instructor since 2005. He is a Classical Pilates teacher certified by The Pilates Standard.

Lilly Zetterberg

Lilly Zetterberg began her Pilates training with Fredrik Prag of Pilates Scandinavia, while she was attending the Royal Ballet School. She later became certified by Pilates Scandinavia and employed as an instructor. She has now been working as a Pilates instructor for 11 years and continues to dance and teach dance professionally.

Tim Kasper

Tim - photo © Dennis Johnston
Photo © Dennis Johnston

Tim Kasper is the owner of Tim’s Pilates.

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Timothy Kasper has been studying movement since the late 1970’s when he began his professional career as a performer and dancer. Pilates, Gyrotonic Expansion and Yoga became important tools for him in NYC in the early 1990’s after a skiing and dance related knee injury required surgery. In time, encouraged by mentors, he began teaching a hybrid conditioning form influenced by all the various movement modalities he’d encountered over the years. That planted the teaching bug and when he began contemplating life after dance, in 2005, he immersed himself in a Pilates Teacher Training certification program followed by the first of 2 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course and eventually became a licensed Teacher of the Gyrotonic Expansion System. Pilates has taken center stage since moving to Stockholm in 2010 when he began working at Pilates Scandinavia for almost 3 years, Ryggspecialisten for 3 years, Lidingö Pilates and Yoga for over 7 years, as well as Yogarummet, Kroppsverkstan, Nirvana Yoga, and It’s Yoga Stockholm.