Summer Newsletter 2019

Summer has not disappointed so far and I hear so many people talking about staying in Sweden this year, so we’ve decided to keep the studio open all summer on a limited schedule, making it easier to maintain your practice and avoid the long summer set back!

Prenatal Course

There are a few spaces available for the 8 week Prenatal Course with Anna Kirs which starts Monday July 8th kl. 17. Anna will also be offering an 8 week Postnatal Pilates Course beginning  Monday, August 26th kl.11. Bring your beautiful newborn along … Reserve a spot for courses by emailing to

Summer schedule

With some exception following Midsommar, the summer schedule will look like this:

Mondays: (From July 8th) Prenatal Course kl.17, Pilates Barre kl.18
(From August 26th) Postnatal Pilates kl. 11
Tuesdays: Pilates Mat Level 2 kl.18.15
Wednesdays: Pilates Mat Level 1 kl.17, Pilates Mat Open Level kl.18
Thursdays: (From July 11th) Foundation Level Pilates Mat kl.17, Level 1 Wall Unit kl.18
Fridays: Pilates Mat Level 3 kl.17.30
Saturdays: Yoga Flow and Restorative kl. 9.30
Sundays: (From August 4th) Level 2 Wall Unit kl.11, Pilates Mat Level 2 kl.12

Pricing simplicity

Finally, in the interest of simplicity, the Wall Unit Classes will now be the same price as the Mat Classes. So, the same credits and pricing options will allow you access to both Mat and Wall Unit Classes!

Best Wishes,
Staff of Tim’s Pilates Parlor