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BASI® has always remained true to art, to science and most importantly to Joseph and Clara Pilates. Since its inception in 1989, BASI® has been an educational vehicle devoted to creating a professional standard worthy of this method. We are committed to preparing teachers of the highest caliber who are able to perpetuate and preserve the gift of Pilates. BASI® ® embodies integrity, high principles and belief in the power of oneself – words and notions that we take very seriously. If you are willing to travel the often rigorous, demanding and ultimately rewarding path – in other words, to go the distance – BASI® will provide the knowledge.

Rael Isacowitz is well known as a teacher of teachers. He has been practicing Pilates since 1978 and is recognized internationally as a leading expert in the method. He is a regular contributor to industry publications and a highly sought-after teacher and lecturer at Pilates forums around the world.Born in South Africa and educated in Israel and England, Rael has a Bachelor of Education degree and teaching credentials from Israel’s prestigious Wingate Institute, and a Master of Arts degree in Dance from the University of Surrey, England.

His early Pilates teachers included Alan Herdman, and several of the first-generation Pilates teachers who are commonly known as the Elders. To Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, Romana Kryzanowska, Eve Gentry and Lolita San Miguel, Rael owes a debt of gratitude for the inspiration and friendship that have guided his career.

Rael is the author of Pilates, the definitive book on the method, and The authoratitive Pilates Anatomy (with Karen Clippinger.) He has published a series of Movement Analysis Workbooks on all the major Pilates apparatus, produced DVDs and created Pilates Interactive™, a groundbreaking online Pilates resource. Perhaps the most profound advance in apparatus design since the days of Joseph Pilates, the AVALON System, which Rael designed, adds resistance to apparatus that didn’t have it previously and expands the resistance and choreographic capabilities of those that did. Rael has served on the Board of the Pilates method Alliance®, and has been a driving force in several initiatives over the past 20 years advocating educational standards in the Pilates community. With a rich background in dance, athletics, yoga and Pilates, Rael brings to his teaching unparalleled expertise combined with a passion for his work.

Through Rael’s unstinting efforts, BASI® Pilates, as it is commonly known, has developed into one of the foremost Pilates education organizations in the world. It is currently represented in 20 countries and over 100 locations and has a select faculty of over 30 highly-qualified teachers.

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